A delicately slim erotic line,
Held by a voluptuous curve,
Drawing down then around
For a puckered end so fine.
What luck I have, to deserve
The chance of having bound
Mine own to this, her divine
Beauty that frays my nerve;
Joy for the courage I found!



Oh, what fortune to be
flying beside a wonder
so wild, beautiful and free.
Oh, would be a travesty
to fall low asunder
from such grace and fragility.

How I wish to see,
reap and plunder
this bountiful treasury,
of emotion; sentimentally
charged like thunder,
Oh dearest darling CeceLee.

the crisis has started, and it’s on your doorstep

we always knew it was coming,

we’d hoped living clean and going green
would make a difference.

some have run to hide but it comes for us all the same,
it’s not just the polar bears feeling the pinch.
now is the time to rise up, do what we can for damage limitation.

how will societal collapse affect your life?



flight free 2020 (or forever?)

so it seems that stopping flying is finally becoming cool, perhaps now i won’t get that ‘crazy-eyed’ look when people discover i don’t fly.
i’ve not flown since 2007, but i’m signing up to the pledge now to give my support

for me, the best thing about stopping flying was seeing all the wonderful thing in-between when i traveled.
i saw how there are very few stark differences form one place to another – but rather than culture, attitudes and appearances change gradually with location; and that there are many more thing in common than we’d think.
there is much more to discover outside of the airport/cosmopolitan world of city-hopping!

i came across this via an article on ‘the guardian’, which says it all much better than i ever could 😀

how about you?