said so well

“Consciousness is a factor in every aspect of the multiverse. Quantum math needs a viewpoint, or it doesn’t work. Just try to remember not to confuse consciousness with ego. Two completely different things – and of the two, ego’s the disposable one.”

Neil Gaiman, InterWorld

Wow, this really struck a chord with me.


Central Portugal Community Needs Site

A couple of us have been working for a month or two now to create an online database of needs for people who were badly hit by the fires. This covers the whole of the interior of Central Portugal. The idea is for donors and helpers to be able to focus on finding exactly what people are looking for to put their lives back together again.

Please use it and share it!


I have developed a WordPress Plugin for running the Needs Database – if you require something similar please ask and i will share it.

Please support our community

The community I live in has been badly affected by the recent fires
in central Portugal.  Many of us here have lost homes, outbuildings,
vehicles, our means to make a living, as well as land, crops and
trees.  The majority of people want to stay and rebuild their lives
and homes here – but we need help to get us started on that journey.
We have set up a crowdfunding page at
Please take the time to read our story and see the photos of the
devastation here.
Any donation you can give would be so much appreciated and would help
families here to get their lives back on track.
Personal emails to friends and family have the best impact so if you could send as many personal emails out to people you think might be moved by this appeal asking them to give a donation that would make a huge difference.
You can then send a more blanket emails to other people and help us to spread the word about our fundraising campaign by posting it on Facebook and other social media networks you might be part of.
Thanks for your help with this.

all lost – Arganil, Portugal

Much has been burned in the Arganil area and beyond.

My farm in Monte Frio has been completely burnt & charred – thankfully the house that was being reconstructed is untouched as until now it was only stone walls.

Here are some pics i took over the weekend.

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On the edge

Atop the rock upon which i built 
my sacred tower of stones that tilt,
she nibbles on the moss there grows;
Dainty, poised – her balance shows.
It could easily come crashing down
As shes turns herself nimbly around –
Destroying the pillar either by intent, 
the result is the same, if its accident.
A precarious position i can only observe
in case my proximity breaks her nerve.
And so i pause with breath baited
hoping she spares what was created.