On the edge

Atop the rock upon which i built 
my sacred tower of stones that tilt,
she nibbles on the moss there grows;
Dainty, poised – her balance shows.
It could easily come crashing down
As shes turns herself nimbly around –
Destroying the pillar either by intent, 
the result is the same, if its accident.
A precarious position i can only observe
in case my proximity breaks her nerve.
And so i pause with breath baited
hoping she spares what was created. 



Ainda linda, ja esta

You’re still the one that i adore;
You’re still the one my heart beats for.
After all this time nothings changed
about how you make me feel deranged.
I can only hope you feel the same.

You’re still the one that i fight for;
You’re still the one who makes me soar.
After all this time i admire the way
you go about your day to day.
I can only wait for you to play.

You’re still the one i cant ignore;
You’re still the one i love for evermore.
After all this time everything is clear
about how you are to me so dear.
I can only dream you’ll reappear.

You’re still the one i love the more.
You’re still the one beauty and amor.
After all this time i want you back
to cure me of this heart-attack.
I can only wish that you accept.

Stubborn Patience

Never say never
means I’ll wait forever;
come hail or shine
no matter the weather,
just long and pine,
busy with whatever.
Abiding such time
to the end’s sever.

Never say never
until we’re together;
again able to fly
like birds of feather,
we’ll soar in the sky
free from our tether.
With joy raise cry
for love’s endeavour.

capital punishment

Initialled here, a message lies.

Longing for you, my heart flies.
Orchestrations there at play,
Violin and piano softly sighs –
Elevates the spirit beyond what may.

Yearning for love, that never dies;
Om i say, metta i pray
Until such time as our demise.

All and any thing before my eyes,
In it i see your face as overlay.
Jolts me awake each morn’ i arise
And when i rest at end of day.

À minha amorinha

Sweet, delicious bramble fruit;
So wild, untameable and free,
Made from darkest red bubbles.
You give my heart troubles.
Alas you are no longer for me.

Your taste like treasure and loot;
Rich, succulent, quenching juice
Made from the nectar you bear,
A flavour so wonderfully rare.
Woe now i must pull you loose.

Staunch, resilient blackberry root;
Diving deep in the soil,
Spikes guarding above and under.
Now I work to tear you asunder,
A labour with which i toil.

After, the earth burnt as soot;
Tears turning all to mud,
A scene horrifyingly full of gore.
I am lost, broke, beaten and sore,
Hands raw with blood.