capital punishment

Initialled here, a message lies.

Longing for you, my heart flies.
Orchestrations there at play,
Violin and piano softly sighs –
Elevates the spirit beyond what may.

Yearning for love, that never dies;
Om i say, metta i pray
Until such time as our demise.

All and any thing before my eyes,
In it i see your face as overlay.
Jolts me awake each morn’ i arise
And when i rest at end of day.


À minha amorinha

Sweet, delicious bramble fruit;
So wild, untameable and free,
Made from darkest red bubbles.
You give my heart troubles.
Alas you are no longer for me.

Your taste like treasure and loot;
Rich, succulent, quenching juice
Made from the nectar you bear,
A flavour so wonderfully rare.
Woe now i must pull you loose.

Staunch, resilient blackberry root;
Diving deep in the soil,
Spikes guarding above and under.
Now I work to tear you asunder,
A labour with which i toil.

After, the earth burnt as soot;
Tears turning all to mud,
A scene horrifyingly full of gore.
I am lost, broke, beaten and sore,
Hands raw with blood.



On the field he lays fallow,
premonitions of the gallow.
Amidst veined flowers of mallow,
on back does he wallow.

In mourning releases bellow,
this empty, lost fellow;
seeking a caress soft and mellow,
gazing at sun of yellow.

Head upon grassy pillow,
lifting from shade of willow.
Sees anew his path to follow,
a life broad but hollow.


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nao cao

This pillow with a heartbeat,
even produces his own heat;
though everything he does eat
with a preference for meat,
yet is kind and sweet.

This rug with head and tail,
tethered like in a jail;
his escape is without fail
making the heart to sail,
setting his own trail.