Pet Sitting

Versão Portuguesa

I offer Home and Pet sitting services within Portugal and Internationally; I have had several years experience in doing so, in various different setups and conditions.
I have taken care of dogs, cats, herds of goats and many types of animals – doing daily walk, playtime and socialising.
I also offer some basic gardening and home-care services if required.
Typically, i will arrive at your home a day or two before you leave to have a handover period.
You can read some references below.

I have my own transport, and will come with my dog Corr – who is well trained and friendly with all other animals.


Currently booked until mid March 2018. Early reservations are recommended.


Home-only Free, but you must cover essential bills for the period
Dogs 5euro per day each
Cats & Farm animals 3euro per day
Maximum daily charge 15euro per day
Gardening 10euro per hour work required

Discount of 10% for bookings over 2 weeks, 25% for more than 4 weeks.
Minimum of 1 week booking.
There is a travel charge applicable for International home-sits.

If you are interested, please get in touch:


You can read general volunteer home-stay reference on my helpX page.

Here are some personal endorsements for home and animal caring:

There are quite a few animals to care for at my place – Pierce carefully & thoroughly looked after them all while I was away. Even the geese who become rather hormonal at this time of year. Pierce dealt with them all with good humour & understood that they were just being typical nesting time silly geese! Even when I didn’t expect help Pierce took over some of the early morning routine. A particular thoughtful treat was when he offered to do all the animals one morning so I could enjoy a lie-in.
This review has to include a write up of Corr who is incredibly well behaved for such a young dog. Corr had a great time playing with my assortment of 5 dogs but always took notice when Pierce said enough was enough. Corr was understandably curious about the sheep, cats, donkeys, geese & chickens. However, at no time did he step out of line (Pierce always watched him & had him under control) and soon Corr took the daily routine in his stride.
To sum up Pierce and Corr are welcome back any time

– Yolande Bosman (Portugal)

We have known Pierce for 3 years; during the five times he has stayed with us he has done house-sitting for a total of 4 weeks when he looked after the house and animals (cat, dogs, chickens, geese, goats, sheep) and had use of the car.
Pierce has also assisted us with many facets of household and grounds maintenance. He is easy to work with, good company, follows instructions well and makes constructive suggestions.
We would be happy to recommend him for any house/home sit position.

– Julie Young (France)

I have known Pierce Beckett for about six years and have always found him to be a pleasant man with whom it is a pleasure to spend time. As such I consider him to be a good and reliable friend. Pierce has stayed with us in our home over extended periods and has never been a burden or caused any worry. Indeed he has worked extremely hard through long days in our garden and we have missed his strength and enthusiasm this season.
There have been a number of occasions when due to vacations or other commitments we have left Pierce in our home for some days and he is utterly trustworthy. All our personal property and valuables were safe in his care and the house was clean and well cared for on our return.
I can, therefore, vouch for Pierce Beckett as someone who will look after a property, and if necessary animals, to the highest of standards. Much more than this, he is someone that I trust and hold in the highest possible esteem in every area of life.

– Alan Synnott (Ireland)